Our Story


Bella Sole Wellness Spa is on the forefront of technology driven wellness. We offer state of the art services in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. 

From the time I was a child, I dreamed of owning my own business.

With two parents, each successful entrepreneurs for many years, the idea seemed natural. If I had to pick one role model that inspired me the most, it would have to be my Mom. She continues to exemplify hard work, focus on results, and dedication to success through win-win client relationships. She is amazing.


Early in our relationship, my husband Joe and I discussed our shared goals for the future. We put business ownership on the list ‘Yes – someday.’ At the time, I was attending veterinary school, and Joe was working full-time as an engineer. Upon graduation, I entered the medical device field.


Applying science and technology to help improve the lives of others was a perfect fit. My customer service experience provided many stories of clients seeking to achieve their ‘best self’ while balancing busy lives. Managing people and projects helped me develop pride in making a positive impact. My career advanced quickly. Soon, we learned our first child was on the way, and decided to focus on family. A few years later I returned to the medical device world, but longed for a better balance between career, family, and my growing interest in wellness.


Finding time for wellness as a professional and busy Mom has been a struggle. All the conventional wisdom of eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep can be a challenge. The wellness activities that helped me feel and look my best like a massage or facial, were always competing with work or family time. And the family budget. I knew I was not alone in my journey. Frustrated, but persistent, I kept looking for options.


A working parent of 4 children and 2 dogs, I used traditional massage ­ which was nice, but time consuming. I also tried tanning; which seemed like a great idea at the time, but clearly was not good for my skin. Researching how to repair skin damage from tanning I discovered new technologies: red light and hydro massage. Digging deeper, I found others that I knew I had to try. My pursuit revealed three obstacles: 1. prices for services were high, 2. no single location offered the mix of services I wanted, and 3. scheduling was a pain – everyone had different systems and none of them were great.


It became clear to me: if I wanted a wellness spa that met my expectations, I’d have to build it. After a few conversations with my Mom, she decided to join me in the business. Out of the desire for a better wellness experience, the concept behind Bella Sole Spa was born.


I’m now driven by the prospect of building a service business that will help people to look and feel their best, using the latest technology, in a guided self-service model. I know that my clients will appreciate the efficiency of helping themselves to wellness appointments that are shorter, on their schedule, and affordable. All the things I want.

Let’s build a better wellness experience, together.

Jessica Peterson, Founder

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